What are asymptomatic cases? Can they transmit COVID-19?


Recently, various national reports on covid-19 have referred to “asymptomatic infections”, which are actually people who test positive for covid-19 nucleic acid but do not have a range of symptoms such as sore throat, fever, malaise, dry cough, or loss of smell, and whose CT film images do not show signs of pneumonia.

What does asymptomatic COVID-19 mean?

Asymptomatic people are also covid-19 infected, which test positive for nucleic acid and they are infectious.

Asymptomatic means that the patient does not currently have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, malaise, sore throat, loss of taste, diarrhea, etc., and there are no imaging features of neocrown pneumonia on CT imaging, thus not being considered a confirmed case. However, some asymptomatic infected individuals may have knowledge of a temporary incubation period and may thereafter develop into a symptomatic confirmed case. There are also many asymptomatic infected individuals who have been able to clear the virus from their bodies as a result of their own immunity or by timely detection and antiviral treatment.

Why is there an increase in asymptomatic infections?

1. The covid-19 virus is mutating and becoming more transmissible, but its pathogenicity is decreasing, so the symptoms caused by the Omicron variant are relatively mild.

2. The rate of serious illness and mortality after infection is decreasing, and the proportion of mild or asymptomatic illness is increasing because of covid-19 vaccination of large populations.

3. Early and rapid screening by the CDC and health system has enabled some early infections to be detected before clinical symptoms are manifested.

4. Younger populations have better immunity and are prone to asymptomatic conditions.

Can an asymptomatic people infect others?

Asymptomatic infections are contagious and the external symptoms are not a direct measure of their contagiousness. Instead, because they are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, they are more likely to be less protective, leading to the spread of the virus.

Do asymptomatic cases test positive for every nucleic acid test?

The two conditions that need to be met for a positive test in asymptomatic infected individuals are a sufficiently high viral load and a scientific sampling method.

Post time: Apr-08-2022