Disposable Sampler: Oropharyngeal Swab Sampler

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It consists of a swab and a test tube containing a preservation solution. Supplied non-sterile. Mainly used for nasal sample collection and transportation storage

product description

Mainly used for the examination of microbial samples collected from the throat. With excellent sample collection and release capabilities, it can quickly adsorb trace samples with high release efficiency. Our flocked swabs feature vertical nylon fibers to optimize sample collection and elution into the transfer medium. The swabs also feature molded breakpoints that allow you to break off the swab stick safely and easily, and there are multiple breakpoint options for different tubes.

A good sample contributes to an accurate diagnosis, and a good sample is collected through proper sample collection. The HUACHENYANG® swabs offered by HCY are anatomically and ergonomically designed to optimize the efficiency of target analyte collection and improve patient comfort.

Advantages of oropharyngeal swabs

1. In order to improve the efficiency of swab collection and meet the needs of end consumers for high-quality products.

2. Innovative jet implanted nylon fiber technology to maximize the sampling efficiency of sampling swabs. Nylon fibers are vertically and evenly attached to the surface of the swab head, which greatly increases the collection and release efficiency of cell and virus samples. Improve analytical sensitivity, no specimen residue, speed up the process of specimen processing, the unique breakable design of ABS plastic rod. It is suitable for the collection of cervix, nasopharynx, oral throat and forensic samples, virus, DNA and other samples.

3. The upright nylon fiber is like a soft brush, which can collect more specimens. The capillary action between nylon fibers enhances the loading of aqueous samples, and the samples are concentrated on the surface of the swab for easier elution.

4. It has outstanding sample collection and release capabilities, can quickly adsorb trace samples, and has high release efficiency. An increase in the number of target cells could help improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

5. Flocking swabs have obvious advantages in nasopharyngeal sampling, microbial sampling, especially in the collection of viruses and DNA.

6, 100,000-level purification environment, strict production process conditions, production under ISO13485 quality control and product CE requirements. DNase and RNase-free, endotoxin-free, and cytostatic.


1. Made of non-suppressed DNA amplification materials, after the verification of direct PCR amplification, the extraction step is omitted;

2, adopt a single independent packaging to avoid pollution;

3. Strict process conditions, free of DNase and amplifiable human DNA;

2. The tube body is transparent, and the condition of the inspection material is directly visible

5. The unique casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, prevents the test material from mildew due to the humid and sealed environment, and avoids the contamination of impurities in the external air, which affects the inspection quality.

Product advantages

1. Proprietary flocking Process optimizes collection and elution
2. Breakpoint molded handle better help to break off
3. Non-slip with Frosted handle end

4. ABS handle(medical grade) ergonomic & anatomic design for comfortable and easy use

5. No fiber or adhesive residue interference in collection

Product name: Flocked swab
Product description Nasal nylon swab/ Oral nylon swab/ Throat swab
Swab head Nylon tip
Swab Shaft  ABS 
Lenght 150mm
Breakpoint 90mm, 30mm, 80mm
Color white
Shelf Life 3 years

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