Antiseptic CHG Prep Swab Applicator Sterile

Short Description:

Swab Applicator, Sterilized swab, clean swab

Product structure Cotton swabs are mainly composed of a cotton swab head and a cotton swab stick. It is a tool for applying medicine or disinfectant when disinfecting the skin and wound surface. It does not contain medicine or disinfectant.

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Product Advantages

① Compared with traditional disinfection methods, the applicator is faster, can resist more bacteria, and has a longer-lasting sterilization effect, which greatly reduces the microbes in the skin and effectively reduces the infection rate due to bleeding.

② The applicator contains CHG and IPA components. CHG has the function of continuous antibacterial because it can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria and make them separate into precipitable substances. IPA can quickly destroy the protein of microbial cells and make them denatured. Some microorganisms provide an important defense effect, antibacterial for at least 48 hours.

Product Usage

It is used to apply disinfectant to the skin, mechanical wounds and instruments of the surgical or puncture site.

Product Specifications

Product specifications:
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product instructions

1.pull and remove the ring collar  lock from the handle,do not touch the foam pad down to activate and release antisepic solution to the foam pad

3.wet the treatment area with antiseptic, using gentle back-and-forth strokes


Product care and preservation

①product shelf life: 3 years

②Storage conditions: the packaged swabs should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool room, away from heat sources, with no corrosive gases, and away from fire sources.

③Product maintenance and maintenance methods: This product should be dust-proof, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof during storage and transportation.


Matters needing attention

Contraindications and precautions

①This product is a one-time use medical product, only for one-time use;

②The product cannot be used directly if its inner packaging is damaged;

③Please use it up as soon as possible after opening the package to avoid contamination. Destroy it immediately or throw it into a professional disposal box after use;

④Use with caution in infants of 2 months or premature infants. Because this product can cause irritation or burns to the skin of infants and young children. This product is a one-time use product, discard it immediately after use.

⑤ can not be used for lumbar puncture or meningeal surgery

⑥It cannot be used for open wounds or routine skin cleaning

⑦ can not be used for patients who are allergic to CHG or IPA

⑧can not be used in eyes, ears, or cavities


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